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Intellitec BG2000 100 amp Battery voltage monitor West Midlands - Birmingham, Worc
Battery voltage monitor
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Intellitecs Battery Guard 2000 provides the OEM & fleet operator with a level of assurance never before possible - BG2000 constantly monitors the available battery voltage when the engine is not running, if the battery voltage falls below 24.1V (or 12.1V), a voltage sensitive timer in the Battery Guard ECU is triggered and starting power is guaranteed.

KEY FEATURES: Guarantees starting power, manual battery isolator, fully waterproof ECU, delphi packard IP 67, waterproof connectors, approved by Paccar, Iveco, Scania, Dennis, MAN, ignition protection, system test on start.

Flat batteries are still the No 1 cause of vehicle downtime across all automotive sectors, electrical specifications on specialist vehicles continue to increase, installing a system that provides a guarantee of starting is a sensible and financially viable approach to this perennial problem.

If the available battery voltage remains below 24.1V uniformly for a full four minutes, the ECU will pulse the Intellitec latching relay and the batteries will be isolated, to guarantee starting power, at this stage there will be no power for ignition, the vehicle operator must press the flashing reset switch and start his engine, Battery Guard also offers the vehicle operator the ability to manually isolate the batteries via the battery guard reset switch, simply press and hold the switch for two seconds, and the batteries will be isolated.
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