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Intellitec BG3000 100 amp Battery voltage monitor West Midlands - Birmingham, Worc
Battery voltage monitor.
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Battery Guard 3k+ operates by constantly monitoring the available battery power when the engine or charging source is not active. Cut out voltage`s, timers & alarms are fully programmable to provide a fully flexible solution.

KEY FEATURES: Guarantees starting power, fully programmable power management system, programmable alarms / outputs (2 x 10a), available in 12V and 24V, intelligent split charging capabilities, no interference to OEM Canbus systems, data logging capabilities, nationwide installation service.

If the battery voltage drops below a pre programmed level of both time and voltage, the system isolates all electrical loads that are connected through the battery guard relay, this ensures that starting power is preserved, to restart, simply press the reset switch and starting power is restored, automatic reconnection is also possible in specific applications via the software, built into the Battery Guard 3k+ is a programmable audible alarm, this can be linked to both voltage and time, there are also to programmable 10A outputs that can be used to switch external alarms or indeed what ever the electrical engineer or fleet engineer may specify, this facility allows the OEM / fleet operator to provide different levels and frequency of alarms to suit each specific application.

As Battery Guard 3k+ is fully programmable, the system can be fully integrated into the vehicles electrical system and will not cause any conflict or warranty issues on ECUs, built into the software are some data logging capabilities, we record every low voltage event, this information can prove useful for fleet engineers, the graphical user interface software is windows based and is supplied free of charge after the installation engineer has been on an Intellitec certified course, communication from PC to the Battery Guard ECU is via RS232, the software has been designed to be user friendly and the amount of parameters that can be programmed is almost endless.
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